"Protection of data"







1. Subject of this data protection declaration.

This declaration informs you how we handle the personal data that is disclosed to us when

you are using the website and the services offered by the website operator. Furthermore, the declaration includes the use of personal data obtained by the website operator through his business partners. However, it does not include the use of any data by enterprises independent from the website operator, or by people who are neither employed nor have been commissioned by the website operator. The examples given below are merely illustrations, they do not consitute a comprehensive list of all likely events and possible actions.


2. Collection and use of data.

As soon as use particular offers and/or services, the website operator will collect your personal data. Sometimes the website operator will also receive personal data from his business partners.
The website operator automatically collects and saves information transmitted by your browser to the webserver log files of the website operator. Such information includes for example your IP address, information stored by the website operator with your permission on cookies as well as the page you have just accessed.

3. Data transmission to third parties.

The website operator will not transmit or disclose personal data to third parties except in one of the following cases. The website operator will transmit personal data to third parties only, if you have agreed to the transmission; the transmission becomes necessary in order to carry out the offers or services you wish to make use of; such data are required by a sub-contractor or a person employed by the website operator in the performance of his obligation, whom the website operator employs to carry out offers or services (however, unless expressly given other instructions, such assistants are only entitled to use the data to such an extent as is necessary in order to fulfil the offer or service);
we receive an enforcable directive, decree or judicial order; this becomes necessary to prevent, in accordance with the law, the improper use of our offers or services, especially if such use would violate the general terms and conditions of business or the particular terms and conditions of use of the website operator.


4. Data Security.

The website operator applies utmost care to protect you personal data and information against loss, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. In order to guarantee confidentiality and security, the data on your user account are protected by a password.


5. Amendments of this data protection declaration.

The website operator reserves the right to alter this data protection declaration in the future. Should the website operator decide to use your personal data in any other way as stated in this data protection declaration at the time when the data were collected, the website operator will try to notify you by e-mail using the most recent information available. However, if we do not have the permission to contact you, we will neither inform you, nor will we use your personal data in any new or different way. We will, of course, announce any amendment of our data protection declaration in an appropriate way on our website.


6. Questions, complaints and suggestions.

Should you have any questions, complaints, doubts or suggestions regarding this data protection declaration or the use and/or disclosure of your personal data, please fill in our feed-back form or send us an e-mail to the following address: info@eft.as





1. Use of our website.
The entire content of our website is protected by copyright. We hereby expressly permit you to use all data for private, non-commercial purposes. We explicitly remind you that reproduction of any kind is subject to the copyright and ownership rights of www.eft.as. The content of our website may not be altered, displayed and/or used on other websites or in computer networks in any way without the prior written consent of www.eft.as. Any public or commercial use also requires the consent of www.eft.as in writing. Any violation of these terms and conditions requires the immediate destruction of the content no matter whether it was printed, photocopied, downloaded or obtained in any other way. www.eft.as, reserves the right to enforce any further claims for damages.

2. Websites and links.
Our website also contains hypertext links to external websites; however, is not responsible for, and has no control over, the content of such sites. When initially linking our website to an external website, we made sure that it did not contain any offensive or illegal material. As soon as we discover, or are informed of, offensive and/or illegal material on a specific website, we will remove that link, provided this is reasonable and technically possible. In order to facilitate the access to our online services, we use browser-based cookies and server-based session IDs on our website. Neither the cookies nor the session IDs contain any personal information about the user of our website; e-mail address, name and postal address of the user remain anonymous.

3. Uploads and downloads.
www.eft.as provides files on its website which can be downloaded by the user for test purposes exclusively. All downloads were scanned with the latest anti-virus programmes of a well-know anti-virus company before they were made available on the website, which means that they did not contain any viruses at that time. The dissemination of files made available by www.eft.as, no matter whether via the internet or any other media, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent by www.eft.as.

4. Warranty and disclaimer of liability.
We compiled the content of our website with the utmost care. However, does not give a warranty regarding the completeness and/or the suitability of the content for specific purposes. The user may use the contents made available on the website at his/her own risk. www.defap-management.com disclaims all responsibility and liability for any damage or failure of equipment. Prices and/or price-lists published on the website by www.eft.as are subject to confirmation. Errata, errors and omissions excepted.

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