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• VAT Services

• Financing of Aircrafts

• Leasing of Aircrafts

• Registration of Aircrafts

• Importation of Aircrafts





European Flight Technology will be supplying various aircraft consultancy services. As a full service company and through our comprehensive network in the industry we are offering consultancy on almost all aspect of aircraft trading and aircraft maintenance:


• Technical Aircraft Documentation

• Aircraft Maintenance Manual

• Aircraft brokering

• Aircraft maintenance courses

• Writing manuals

• Conducting training

• Safety courses

• Supplying aircraft ground equipment

• Ground Insurance policy

• General program management





There are a number of financing options available and we would be pleased to discuss these with you on a case by case basis. It is relevant to point out that Denmark does not impose interest withholding tax on loans from unrelated parties. This provides some interesting planning opportunities with regards to financing the purchase and onward leasing of aircrafts through EFT. The company has an established collaboration regarding financing aircrafts with several banks around Europe and are therefore able to arrange termsand conditions for various financing opportunities, depending on the needs and financial security involved.


Our clients have found our combination of international network contacts coupled with our specific industry expertise and banking experience very valuable for both simple and advanced structured finance projects. We assist in identifying and negotiating the optimal terms from the most suitable and competitive sources.


Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding aircraft structuring.





To benefit from the attractive VAT rates in Denmark, a leasing arrangement needs to be conducted for a number of months for certain aircrafts, depending on the take-off weight. EFT has extensive experience in arranging hassle-free and transparent leasing arrangements for our clients. All the paperwork is endorsed by international and Danish law firms and auditors.


Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding leasing arrangements in general.





Registration of the aircraft is flexible and completely independent of the VAT service provided by EFT. There are no restrictions on where the aircraft should be registered. As such, the registration may remain outside the EU, be in Denmark or in a third jurisdiction. In the event that the client would like the aircraft to be registered in Denmark, EFT would be pleased to provide assistance in this matter.


Where you register your aircraft depends upon a number of factors, including compliance with national rules and regulations covering aircraft specification. Other issues to consider are pilot licensing, as well as cost, speed, convenience and even anonymity. EFT can organize the aircraft to be held through a tax neutral company incorporated in one of many different jurisdictions and subsequently be entered on an attractive register.


Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding aircraft registration.





All the legal and practical work in relation to importing aircrafts into the EU can become a time consuming and frustrating experience. Due to the knowledge, expertise and network within the Danish and international tax & aviation industry, EFT offers a fast and reliable importation service that gets our clients in the air very fast.


EFT is a full service company which can organize all the practicalities and paperwork in relation to your transaction - import, registration, sale and if required leasing arrangements. Some of our clients have been approached by the local tax authorities to review the practicalities in relation to the transaction and all aspects of the documentation and paperwork has been fully endorsed by local tax authorities. Everything will be conducted in a trustworthy and transparent process with full security for the client along all steps.


Please feel free to contact us any time for a discussion on how to optimize the importation

for you.






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